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Nice to see you here! Being flexible is what I strive for. I'm Valentin Angel Fernandez, an Argentinian Voice Actor based in Buenos Aires.You can listen to my work in English & Spanish commercials, video games, animated series, movies & show dubs, narrations, promos, and so many more. Why not everything?If you are looking for a remarkable voice with character, a voice that breaks through the noise with humour, passion, and love
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Guerrilla K67
Scarlett Solo 3rd gen
Adobe Audition
SourceConnect Standard, Zoom, Skype
internet speed.
300 MBps Down / 35 MBps UP, Wired

Professionally insulated and sound treated by an Audio Engineer.

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I've been described many times as too proactive. I like taking up hobbies, learning new things, languages, instruments, tools, and skills. Likewise, I love meeting new people and everything related to engaging deeply with them.If working together, I will give it all to bring your desired voice to lifeBorn and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina to a family that always supported me in everything I did and still does. I had the opportunity in 2022 to go to a Folk School in Denmark called Odder Hojskole for 6 months, and to this day I don't regret committing to such an experience.There is nothing more beautiful than to feel a certain kind of connection with an imaginary character, one that broadens our meaning of life

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Studied on several workshops, workouts and intensive training courses and programmes.


Feel free to write any concerns to me to my voice over mail voiceofvaf@gmail.com

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